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A More Playful Framework

There is a large framed advertisement for French tea that hangs above the couch in our family room. I bought it because it was 1) a great deal 2) the right colors 3) large enough to hang there on its own and 4) a great deal. It's the perfect thing for that spot...and I absolutely can't stand it.

I've been wondering about why it bothers me so much and I think I may have figured out the answer. I have absolutely no emotional connection to it whatsoever. I'm not a huge fan of tea, French or otherwise. I don't think I've ever tried French tea (the few times I've been in France I was way more interested in the wine). The print isn't even from France-I got it at a Hotel Furniture Liquidation store. I only bought it because it was cheap and convenient. And now this convenient art has been hanging there and bugging me for six years. This whole notion of 'what not to hang' represents the third practice of a Centering Home. The walls of our home should r…

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