Creating Cozy out of Chaos

My girls were really hoping for a snow day today. They did all the things last night...flushed ice down the toilet, put spoons under their pillow, cut paper snowflakes to tape in the windows. One of the best parts of their "snow day scheming" was hearing them discuss what they would do with an unexpected day off. When they blessedly moved away from unlikely options such as driving to Chicago for the afternoon, they landed on a perfectly delightful idea; hunker down in their "new" hang out spot with a book and a cup of hot chocolate (not necessarily in that order).
We've had this space under our stairs since we finished our basement three years ago. It was supposed to be a storage closet, but a late night Pinterest kick convinced me to transform it into a play house. The look and color of the outer wall is meant to mimic the stuga cottages that dot the landscape of Sweden. Over the years it has taken on many forms: a playroom, an art space, a semi-intentional toy closet. Sadly as the kids have gotten older, it had turned into a toy graveyard, a place that rarely got attention.

So last weekend I decided to transform it from a lonely storage room into a space where the girls would want to be. I gave myself the additional challenge to use stuff that we already had in the house: a forgotten bookshelf, a chair that was in storage, artwork that the kids had created. In the end, I purchased two heart pillows (on clearance!) and a rug. That's it. The rest was just waiting to be repurposed. 

Cozy is all around us. It just takes a second look and a little imagination. The ingredients (pillows, blankets, lamps, etc.) are usually already in our homes. They might just need a new location and a new purpose.

This is one of my favorite aspects of a Centering Home. It doesn't take a renovation, remodel, or more importantly, more stuff. You can take what you already have and repurpose it with centering, calm, and cozy in mind. Start with one space and move on from there.

The girls jumped out of bed this morning and started refreshing my news feed every 30 seconds. But alas, the school closing list never included theirs. As they reluctantly put on their backpacks, I reminded them that there is no school on Monday. Plenty of time for reading and hot chocolate in their new favorite spot. Plenty of time to delight in the cozy, ordinary space we call home.


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